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The main goal of Harmison’s Hometown Fundraising is to provide non-profit organizations quality products at a fair price while offering the kind of Hometown customer service and personal touch they deserve.

Your customers will receive quality products and will not feel as if they simply donated to the organization while accepting a small, overly priced item. At Harmison’s we will always offer a selected number of items so that we can continue to specialize in the areas of demand only. As the market changes, Harmison’s will change to follow that current demand. With the help and input from our customers we will continue to offer products and services that are truly desired. What will never change at Harmison’s is our exceptional customer service; our quality products and our commitment to helping organizations reach their goals.

We have numerous catalogs to choose from, so your organization is sure to find the perfect products for your fundraiser!

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"As for Harmison’s Hometown Fundraising: I absolutely loved the organization and professional leadership that the company had to offer to improve our annual fruit sale. The individually sorted student orders was a big hit with all the members and made our sorting and delivery process much quicker. I will continue to speak to other FFA advisors around the State to encourage them to sign with Harmison’s in 2015." ~ Chuck Reece with the Lakeland FFA Chapter 

Why Choose Harmison's Hometown Fundraising?

Not only has Harmison's Hometown Fundraising become a success in the Midwest, we are proud to announce that we can now service our customers nationwide! At Harmison's we are committed to providing you, your organization and your community with quality products and customer service!

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About Harmison's Hometown Fundraising

Harmison's Hometown Fundraising, Inc. became incorporated in March 2004. Michael Harmison Sr., having already spent 14 years in the fund raising industry wanted to offer his customers more services, new and exciting products and the best customer service possible.

Why Choose Harmison's

Harmison’s Hometown Fundraising provides schools and parents:

Sales Flyers

Parent Letter Templates

Shareable Social Media Updates

Online Reports and Resources


Meet Harmy

Harmy is Harmison's Hometown Fundraising mascot and he's ready to help your club or organization make money! Fundraising is what he's best at and he has a TON of great products that sell like hot cakes so your fundraiser is a profitable one.

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FFA Chapter Fundraisers

We are proud to work with FFA chapters all over the country to help them raise money to support their club activites.

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