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We are an innovative leader in fundraising pre-packing: Rather than using seasonal inexperienced employees, our full-time professional team utilizes state of the art barcoding on all of our products and order forms to ensure accurate data entry and pre-packing. Our full-time team specializes in fundraising processing and packing and all orders are individually scanned and packed for accuracy. This innovative system allows us to provide your organization with FREE individual and group sales totals in easy to read printouts which you receive via email in advance of delivery for your convenience and then again delivered via hard copy with your order.

Pre-packed student orders are FREE for ALL of our customers
... there are NO minimums!

Your time is valuable – leave the sorting, packing and virtual free errors to our professional team! No sorting mistakes, no more hassle, no more headache!

No need to ask a Representative for “details” – there’s no detail, no minimums, no hidden fees- it’s FREE! That’s what sets us apart! We love giving this valuable service to our customers!

Individual and group sales total printouts provided at NO cost to you...
just part of our ongoing customer service!

We supply a two part order taker rather than using the back of a brochure.
This allows you to send one in and keep the other for your records so you don’t risk your only copy getting lost, or the need to copy each one. Who wants to do that?!

No gimmicks, no charges and no special time frame to send in your orders!

We start entering your order as soon as we get it and work with you to get it scheduled when you want it delivered. Orders can be turned around in as little as one week. This lets you conduct your sale around your schedule.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We’re so confident in our accuracy that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee by offering FREE toll free customer service hotline to handle any possible issues that may arise. Our customer service hotline communicates directly with your customer so you don’t have to be the go between to re-order and then re-deliver as it’s shipped directly to the customer’s door. This great service is also at no cost to you and is invaluable in keeping your customers happy and keeping them as a returning customers!

Online Ordering

We have had online ordering for several years and continue to offer this convenient avenue for your out of town customers to order for your organization. Your student(s) and organization get credit and profit for any items from our available online brochures they order online during your sale.

We are constantly analyzing and evaluating our services and quality products, gaging feedback from you our customer, evolving and changing to ensure we bring the best products and customer service possible to our Harmison’s Hometown Fundraising customers!

3 Convenient Order Submission Options

Save postage & time by scan/email or faxing your orders, or simply choose to mail them USPS to our home office.

FREE Brochure Envelopes AND Collection Envelopes

At no additional cost we help you and your group stay organized by providing envelopes for brochures and collection envelopes for each student.

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